Staying Inn

Sunday August 8th, 2021

Staying Inn 

August 8th – September 12th, 2021

Curated by Taylor Hansen Hughes  

Artists: Selva Aparicio, Bianca Abdi-Boragi, Edward Cabral, Yvette Mayorga, Jeffly Molina, Andrew Sokol

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Staying Inn is an invitation to remain temporarily— to explore the transience of its very structure. The floors that bear the weight of our bodies, the rugs that bear witness to our joys, and our traumas. The windows that we try to cover with blinds that always break. The images we hang on our walls so that we might not forget.

Staying Inn is an invitation to pass through— to be taken care of, to be taken aback by, the objects & armatures that both consume and observe us.

Staying Inn simultaneously is a recognition of privilege, and a lament of the trap of a system that builds walls. Are border walls extensions of the more elusive ones built internally? Keeping some in, and others out. Does a picket fence appear as barbed wire if you’re on the other side of it?

Staying Inn is a space to examine what keeps us chained to unending desires. The labor it takes to consume, the consumption it takes to create. The decadent homes we build inside of ourselves. Evicted, or on holiday, Staying Inn, invites you to be our guest.