I Like Your Art… Artist Talk

I Like Your Art…Artist Talk

Saturday June 15, 2024


On view May 3rd - July 14th 2024

Join us on June 15th for the artist talk of I Like Your Art…

Artists: Derra McWilliams, Nyah Peaches, Juliet Russo, Lauren Stichweh, Lyric Newbern, Kelly Reaves, Wooyeon Kim, Cat Bowyer

I Like Your Art prompts four artists to curate themselves with four other artists, mimicking the exchange of admiration via social media. This exhibition delves into the attraction to another artist's work through platforms like Instagram, extending into the tangible realm of shared visual language. We explore the dynamic interplay between virtual appreciation and real-world connections, as artists and audiences alike traverse digital landscapes to discover, celebrate, and connect with each other's work. From the intimate portrayals of personal journeys to the bold expressions of collective experiences, each piece reflects the diverse voices and perspectives that thrive within our interconnected online world.

Through a curated selection of artworks,  the artists illuminate the profound impact of social media in fostering communities of shared artistic appreciation, where likes, comments, and shares transcend screens to forge genuine bonds and collaborative opportunities. Join us as we bridge the gap between online admiration and physical presence, celebrating the transformative journey of digital connections blossoming into real-world encounters within our shared exhibition space