Healing House Music: Free Dance Session

Healing House 

Friday, May 26th 6-8:30PM

Free event, tea and non-alcoholic beverages will be served 

Featuring DJ Celeste Alexander 

Healing House is Back with DJ Celeste! Healing House is an event that uses the power of the sounds and vibrations of House music for mind, body and soul healing. ⁠ This dance session aims to create a safe space for fellowship and wellness. Reframing party culture with early evening hours not centered around drinking. Healing House is about building community on the dance floor⁠ 💗

Wife, mother, DJ and co-owner of a music label, Celeste manages to balance these responsibilities while delivering and creating some of the deepest, soulful mixes in today’s house music landscape. Celeste was introduced to DJing by the legendary Steve “Silk” Hurley in 1982. During that time, dance music was still young, being shaped into a culture and genre that is now known worldwide as House Music. Celeste was learning her craft with the likes of many Chicago’s pioneers in the industry such as: Terry Hunter, Maurice Joshua, Ron Carroll, Ron Trent, Vick Lavender, Jamie 3:26, Mike Dunn and Gene Hunt, along with countless other DJs and producers from the Chicago area that have grown to giants in the industry. Celeste was the daring female in an otherwise male dominated industry, holding her own and making a name for herself in the Chicago music scene. She, to this very day, remains the only female who has played with the late legend Ron Hardy in his home, “The Music Box”.

Celeste’s motivation is to continue to play while debunking the myth that mixing was gender specific. Through mentorship and tutelage of such icons as Frankie Knuckles & Andre Hatchett, and the unwavering support of such noted DJs as Wayne Williams, Celeste has and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. 

This event is a partnership with Equity Arts