Smile Behind the Mask

Friday May 18th, 2018

The Smile Behind the Mask is about the fantasy in everyday. The process of manipulating appearance is common place in how we dress, act, and construct personal avatars on social media. The painters in this show who engineer a space through real life moments, color, shapes, and people, are no different. They employ bathroom humor, sexuality, body building culture, and drunken shenanigans- all while referencing visual tropes from art history. The works range from tender to unapologetically bragging and hope to champion individuals necessity to reconstruct reality.

The Smile Behind the Mask includes eleven painters all working in Chicago

Caleb Beck

Chris Capoyianes

Hyegyeong Choi

Katie Hammond

Ellen Hanson

Roland Miller

Amadeo Morelos

Kailyn Perry

Tk Suh

Patrick Wilkins

Bryant Worley

Curated by Kenneth Heyne of Rover and Kailyn Perry