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Wicker Park’s Heaven Gallery on a roll

Posted in Art & Design by Lauren Weinberg on July 31st, 2008
Hot Chicago artist Cayetano Ferrer brings his subversive style to Wicker Park’s Heaven Gallery (Yep, that's this web site) on Saturday 2 with “Death Drive,” a one-day show on view from noon–10pm. (Docent Abby G. leads a tour at 7pm.)

Heaven Gallery has been busy lately: TOC contributor Jonathan Kinkley was impressed by its previous show, “Means to an End,” which closed this week. Jonathan writes that the photography-heavy show, curated by Brad Troemel, revolved “around the theme of nature as both an end and a means” and “featured worthwhile works by some big local names, like Melanie Schiff and Jason Lazarus, as well as 17 other American, Dutch and German artists.”

“Schiff’s photograph," Jonathan continues, “juxtaposed a mall with a graveyard at sunset, commenting on consumerism and mortality with her signature stylized, waning golden light. Troemel inserted one of his own works into the show [Mountain, pictured], which perhaps best illustrated the exhibition’s curatorial intent. He Photoshopped numerous parking lot snowdrifts (means) to create an illusion of a mountain (ends).” Jonathan also reports that Heaven was concurrently showing “Rerun,” a group show of “Boston-area artists who create their own wallpaper.” Although the artists’ “media and the dimensions [of their work]” were the same, the show “spotlighted a rich, diverse range of talents and styles quoting greater visual culture,” Jonathan concludes.

It sounds so awesome, I could almost forgive Heaven for not sending me a press release.

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