Speaking Volumes on Black America, A Review of “Oh, Maker”

image Mark Blanchard, “Effluence of Cosmic Void,” detail

 AT  BY  NewCity


Historically, during times of turmoil and trauma, art can speak volumes. When looking back at art of the past, the viewer can get a sense of the social and cultural implications of a period of time through the art it produced. During the American Revolution, there was a rise in...

Mapping out Chicago’s legacy of Iranian-American art

image Elnaz Javani, “Bulk, 2017.”

August 18th, 2017 by KT Hawbaker Chicago Tribune

Iranian-Assyrian student Hannibal Alkhas jumped from one part of the brain to the other when he ditched his medical studies to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1952. After studying under a number of faculty members including painter Boris Anisfeld, Alkhas returned to Iran and revamped the art programs...

Santina Amato “Monster”

image Installation view of Santina Amato Monster at Heaven Gallery.

July 7, 2018 by Janet Cheung Chicago Artist Writers

On Sunday, June 10th, I joined Santina Amato in “activating” the third work of her solo show Monster at Heaven Gallery. We kneaded a dough together, filling one of the exhibited ceramic vessels, and waited for it to rise and escape.

“They are sperm,” Santina Amato said, elucidating the...