Alternative Space

Opening Reception: Friday, June 28th - 7 – 11 PM
Panel Discussion: July 13th - 1 PM
Show runs through July 28th 2019

Participating Galleries and Curators:
Adds Donna, AMFM, Apparatus, Baby Blue, The Franklin, Heaven Gallery, LVL3, Oscar Gonzalez Diaz, Slow, Tiger Strikes Asteroid

As Heaven Gallery fights to keep space, we’ve asked ourselves: what better way to show the power of Chicago artists than to throw a last minute...

Tangential States: An Afternoon of Readings

Saturday, June 22nd at 1 PM
Free Event

As an expansion to the ideas circulating in the exhibition Strained States, Tangential States brings together a group of artists and writers who push our thoughts elsewhere. Their words evoke notions of embodiment, memory, objecthood, familial ties, and spatiality, while simultaneously adding new layers and lenses for reading the artworks included the exhibition. Come come come.


Artist Talk: Breach of Contract

Saturday, June 1st – 1 PM

Join artists Judith Brotman, Jeffrey Grauel, Meg Duguid and curator Paul Hopkin as they discuss their artistic practices and walk through their group show, "Breach of Contract"

Images are often used to access something we long for but can't have, can't reconcile. Visualization allows us to proceed as though there is presence. Projected presence, like memory, is soft. Allows all sorts of...

Chopin at Nohant Concert

Saturday, May 25th at 7 PM

$10 suggested donation

Be transported to Nohant, the countryside home of novelist George Sand, where Frédéric Chopin and mezzo-soprano Pauline Viardot retreated as guests of the author. There they spent hours at the piano, playing through opera scores and reviving forgotten works while Sand wrote late into the night, listening to their genius as the scent of lime trees filled the summer air....