Too Long; Didn't Read

Too Long; Didn't Read 

Curated by Jenn Sova

On View: June 2 - April 9 

Opening Friday, June 2nd 7-11PM

Virtual Artist Talk: Sunday, June 11, 12-1PM

Screening and Panel: Sunday, June 18th 5PM

Artists: Jose Luis Benavides, Andi Crist, Francis Dot, Hale Ekinci, Häsler Gómez, Kelly Kristin Jones, Yuyang Zhang

“Real time is slower than social-media time, where everything feels urgent. Real time often includes periods of silence...

Healing House Music: Free Dance Session

Healing House 

Friday, May 26th 6-8:30PM

Free event, tea and non-alcoholic beverages will be served 

Featuring DJ Celeste Alexander 

Healing House is Back with DJ Celeste! Healing House is an event that uses the power of the sounds and vibrations of House music for mind, body and soul healing. ⁠ This dance session aims to create a safe space for fellowship and wellness. Reframing party culture with early evening hours not...

A Love Letter to Chicago

A Love Letter to Chicago

Friday, May 5th from 6-9PM at Heaven Gallery

Free event, register to attend on Eventbrite

The short documentary film "A Love Letter to Chicago" is rooted in deejay culture and traditions of spacemaking featuring performances of Chicago artists. This performance documentation is an abbreviation of Sadie Woods’ Afrodjia Social Club deejay set exploring music and culture of the...

Spirit Work

Spirit Work 

Thursday, May 4th 5:3-9:30PM

Free event, register to attend on Eventbrite

Panelists: Robert Williams, Rae Chardonnay, Blessotnio, David Chavez, M-Dok

Moderated by Abra Johnson 

“Spirit Work” emerged out of a theme from the exhibition Love Dancing: Archiving Chicago Nightlife hosted at Heaven Gallery. The exhibition was a collaboration with Equity Arts and the Chicago Black Social Culture...

Artist Talk and Group Shake: Gift Economy

Artist Talk and Group Shake 

Saturday 4/29, 12-2:30PM

  • 12-1:30PM: Group Shake (please arrive on time)
  • 1:30-2:30PM: Artist Talk  

Free event 

Join us at Heaven Gallery for a Group Shake led by Anya Smolnikova- this is a durational collective somatic event. We shake, to music, together for an hour with the emphasis on shaking and rocking the body in various ways. It can look like dancing but we don't...